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Hi. I'm Jacqueline

Hello friends, let me officially introduce myself; I'm Jacqueline, the dyslexic bi chick who is never perfect and always has a book in her hands. Reading has never come easy to me as I suffer from both phonological and surface dyslexia. I mainly was non-verbal until the age of four, and reading came at a later stage in third grade at nine years old. I still struggle to this day to read some and spell most words. My goal is to bring awareness to the 10% of the population that suffers from dyslexia and help with accessibility in print novels. Some of my favorite projects this past year were making my own little free library with the book 'The littlest Library by Poppy Alexander', taking "Sometime in Summer by Katie Leno" around Rockport where the book takes place, and a live buddy read Q&A with 'As Seen on Tv by Meredith Schorr.' I love bringing authors' stories alive and promoting their works to readers everywhere.


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