Hang the Moon


In a delightful follow-up to Written in the Stars, Alexandria Bellefleur delivers another queer rom-com about a hopeless romantic who vows to show his childhood crush that romance isn’t dead by recreating iconic dates from his favorite films...

Brendon Lowell loves love. It’s why he created a dating app to help people find their one true pairing and why he’s convinced “the one” is out there, even if he hasn’t met her yet. Or... has he? When his sister's best friend turns up in Seattle unexpectedly, Brendon jumps at the chance to hang out with her. He’s crushed on Annie since they were kids, and the stars have finally aligned, putting them in the same city at the same time.

Annie booked a spur-of-the-moment trip to Seattle to spend time with friends before moving across the globe. She’s not looking for love, especially with her best friend’s brother. Annie remembers Brendon as a sweet, dorky kid. Except, the 6-foot-4 man who shows up at her door is a certified Hot Nerd and Annie... wants him? Oh yes.

Getting involved would be a terrible idea—her stay is temporary and he wants forever—but when Brendon learns Annie has given up on dating, he’s determined to prove that romance is real. Taking cues from his favorite rom-coms, Brendon plans to woo her with elaborate dates straight out of Nora Ephron’s playbook. The clock is ticking on Annie’s time in Seattle, and Brendon’s starting to realize romance isn’t just flowers and chocolate. But maybe real love doesn’t need to be as perfect as the movies... as long as you think your partner hung the moon.

Publication Date: 25 May 2021

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  • Praise for Hang the Moon:

    "Smart, sexy, and sweet. Readers will be over the moon for this rom-com." -- Kirkus Reviews

  • "Alexandria Bellefleur is an author to watch. Her writing is joyful and heartfelt, and her voice sparkles with a delightful mix of wit, humor, and good-natured sarcasm. I can't wait to see how she wows us next!" -- Mia Sosa, USA Today bestselling author of The Worst Best Man

  • “Written in the Stars is everything I want from a romcom: fun, whimsical, sexy. This modern Pride & Prejudice glitters with romance.” -- Talia Hibbert, USA Today bestselling author of Get a Life, Chloe Brown

My Review:

4 Stars. This rom-com is everything friends to lovers summer beach needs. It's queer, hopeless romantic, childhood crushes, recreations of famous dates, and the male is the one who is romantic in this novel. It is a follow-up to the "Written in the Stars" and about Brendom Lowell, Darcy's younger brother, and Annie, Darcy's Best friend. Annie shows up to Darcy for a surprise visit and finds out that she is gone for the weekend and ends up spending the weekend with her brother. The romance and pace of this book make it such an easy read for any weekend. I found myself not wanting to put the book down and buy myself a copy to add next to written in the stars. I can't wait to see what else Alexandria Bellefleur writes next.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Will be re-reading
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I was provided a copy of this book from Netgalley and Avon for an honest review. Thank you to both for this copy. It is one of my new favorites.

Spoiler Review

Oh my…What a bad luck you’re dealing with: can you imagine sexiest, most charming, most charismatic baron knocks your door when you took an oath to get way from any kind of female species? Good luck dear Dani, you’re so doomed to fail and resist the irresistible charm of this walking talking addiction notice!

Newly single, New Yorker, a brilliant professor, smart, sarcastic Dani already lost her bestie Leo who is the main subject of the marriage of the year. Yes, he became part of Eldovian royals by finding his love of life. She is gonna be the best man at the wedding.

But when the with sexiest man alive- tabloids’ popular subject: Maximilian von Habsburg : Baron of Laudon: Duke of Aquila who has been dumbed by the very same princess she’s marrying now insists to befriend Dani by visiting New York before wedding to spend more time with her, his friendly intentions are rejected because after her worst marriage experience Dani’s off limits and she cannot tolerate to be best of any man.

But luckily extra charming, magical Max is not any man. He’s every man you want to breathe and he’s the man you want to stalk every move he makes and you want to keep watching him( okay this become a quite mix with Joe Goldberg stalking tendencies meets Police’s favorite song but hottest baron of Laudon truly gives you those inspirations)

Well, Dani obviously cannot resist to his charms and she adroitly restrain her desires to let him get into her pants but their chemistry is too hot to resist. Their friendship blossoms alongside with their intimate feelings they bottled up.

They wanted only friendship as a distract of their messy life. As Dani is getting through from messy divorce, Max deals with his scandalous life. But when they want more than friendship, real problems start to occur: because Max’s family doesn’t approve their relationship even though Max is ready to fight against them because he knows he already found the one he wants.

But Dani has also hesitations about adapting into Max’s pretentious lifestyle.

Could they risk everything to be together and confront with the obstacles together for pursuing their HEA?

So hot, so sexy, so genuine, so captivating! Yes, I truly devoured this book and I had amazing time! I loved both MCs, their love story, chemistry, everything about them!








Alexandria Bellefleur is a bestselling and award-winning author of swoony contemporary romance often featuring loveable grumps and the sunshine characters who bring them to their knees. A Pacific Northwesterner at heart, Alexandria has a weakness for good coffee, Pike IPA, and Voodoo Doughnuts. Her special skills include finding the best Pad Thai in every city she visits, remembering faces but not names, falling asleep in movie theaters, and keeping cool while reading smutty books in public. Her debut novel, Written in the Stars, was a 2021 Lambda Literary Award winner and a 2020 winner of The Ripped Bodice Awards for Excellence in Romantic Fiction.

Avon Haper



Avon is one of America's most acclaimed romance imprints. Known for having pioneered the historical romance category, Avon continues to publish a wide variety of genres, including contemporary, rom-com, paranormal, and regency romance.

Harper Voyager is a thriving global imprint dedicated to science fiction and fantasy.



"Bellefleur has a droll, distinct voice, and her one-liners zing off the page, striking both the heart and funny bone. She has a gift for comedy, possessing more style and panache than a debut writer has any right to... There's a sparkling quality here, one that mirrors the starry title. Bellefleur writes as if she's captured fairy lights in a mason jar, twinkly and lovely within something solid yet fragile." -- Entertainment Weekly (Best Romances of November)

“Hang the Moon reads like a classic rom-com, updated for the 21st century. Bellefleur peppers the book with Seattle landmarks and traditions and occasional nods to classic rom-com films. Snappy banter and modern dating humor brighten this grounded yet optimistic romance, and though the story feels complete, readers will ache for just a few more pages as they fall in love right along with Brendon and Annie.... Readers will laugh, swoon and be swept away, along with the characters, in Alexandria Bellefleur's sparkling romance.” -- Shelf Awareness

"A disastrous blind date kicks off Bellefleur’s excellent rom-com debut... Readers will be rapt by the sensuous love scenes once Darcy and Elle throw pretense aside... A moving subplot about Elle’s fight for her family’s acceptance rounds out the story, while astrology memes ('What brunch food are you based on your zodiac?') and nods to Pride and Prejudice scattered throughout add texture. This is a delight." -- Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Written in the Stars

"Written in the Stars abounds with optimism and empathy for its characters, its wit always undergirded by sweetness. This is a comfort read, at a time when many of us need one badly, and a sparkling debut for Bellefleur." -- Olivia Dade, author of Spoiler Alert

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