The Conjurer


A beguiling novel of revenge, deliverance, and a powerful sisterhood of magic by the Washington Post bestselling author of The Vine Witch and The Glamourist.

Sidra didn’t murder her husband. Yet even a jinni can’t wish away a wrongful imprisonment. Determined to prove her innocence, she returns to her adopted home—a French village renowned for its perfume witches—with her friends Elena and Yvette by her side. Here is where Sidra’s true destiny awaits, but danger also lurks in the village’s narrow lanes.

On her trail is Jamra, another jinni, who’s after more than revenge for the murder of his brother. He also seeks vengeance for the indignities inflicted on jinn by mortals over the centuries. When he learns of an ancient relic capable of unleashing chaos on the world, and that the weapon is in the hands of his murderous sister-in-law, he vows to destroy Sidra to get it.

Relying on a sisterhood of magic, a mysteriously faithful dog, and a second-rate sorcerer, Sidra defends herself using the village’s greatest asset: its perfume. It’s as beguiling a lure as it is a formidable shield. But is it enough for Sidra to protect herself and those she loves from powers yet to be released?

Meet the best woman

Newly single, no-nonsense New Yorker Dani is done with love—she even has a list entitled “Things I Will Never Again Do for a Man”—which is why she hits it off with notorious rake Max. He’s the perfect partner for snow angels in Central Park and deep conversations about the futility of love.

It’s all fun and games until their friendship deepens into attraction and, oops…

Falling in love was never part of the plan.

  • Praise for The Conjurer:

    “Series readers and newcomers alike will be enthralled.” —Publishers Weekly

  • “Readers will enjoy catching up with the characters they already know. Smith (The Glamourist) does lovely work describing the luscious smells that Sidra works with.” —Library Journal

  • “While Sidra is comfortable in her abilities, this is another learning experience for Elena and Yvette as they explore the depths of their vine witch and Fée abilities, respectively…this delightful read completes the ladies’ origin stories, leaving potential for future adventures.” —Booklist

My Review:

3 Stars. I first heard about this author on BookTok. The Vine Witch series was mentioned as someone's favorite book from their TBR list, and after I saw the cover, I knew I had to read it. I rushed to request the first and second books from the library and couldn't put them down. The third book in this series I read on my kindle. I have read this entire series just this week.

The third book was beautifully written with detailed story building that continued throughout all three books. . However, it is my least favorite out of the series. It could be that the first book I would most defiantly sell my firstborn child that I do not have to read again for the first time.

This book follows the story of Sidra, which seems like a hot mess express who doesn't want to face her past. Will she be freed for good and find out what actually happens to her husband? Confronting his brother? Honestly, it is my least favorite plot of the three books, but I enjoyed how Luanne wrapped up the plot points and questions I had throughout the entire series. I am the type of reader that wants the author to wrap up the story instead of leaving me to dream it up myself.

I will be suggesting this series to many of my friends, re-reading the first two books on kindle while flagging my favorite moments, and memorizing the entire first book.

Sidra is falsely accused of murdering her husband, Hariq. After his death, his brother, Jamra, assumed he was killed because of their fighting and will kill her. When she is sent to jail, she meets a witch name Elena and a fairy Yvette. After they escape from the prison, she goes with Yvette to the land of the fee, where she hides while Jarama hunts for her. To understand the holes in this book, you need to read the first two books.

⭐⭐⭐ Stars

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this book in exchange for my honest review.

Spoiler Review

Oh my…What a bad luck you’re dealing with: can you imagine sexiest, most charming, most charismatic baron knocks your door when you took an oath to get way from any kind of female species? Good luck dear Dani, you’re so doomed to fail and resist the irresistible charm of this walking talking addiction notice!

Newly single, New Yorker, a brilliant professor, smart, sarcastic Dani already lost her bestie Leo who is the main subject of the marriage of the year. Yes, he became part of Eldovian royals by finding his love of life. She is gonna be the best man at the wedding.

But when the with sexiest man alive- tabloids’ popular subject: Maximilian von Habsburg : Baron of Laudon: Duke of Aquila who has been dumbed by the very same princess she’s marrying now insists to befriend Dani by visiting New York before wedding to spend more time with her, his friendly intentions are rejected because after her worst marriage experience Dani’s off limits and she cannot tolerate to be best of any man.

But luckily extra charming, magical Max is not any man. He’s every man you want to breathe and he’s the man you want to stalk every move he makes and you want to keep watching him( okay this become a quite mix with Joe Goldberg stalking tendencies meets Police’s favorite song but hottest baron of Laudon truly gives you those inspirations)

Well, Dani obviously cannot resist to his charms and she adroitly restrain her desires to let him get into her pants but their chemistry is too hot to resist. Their friendship blossoms alongside with their intimate feelings they bottled up.

They wanted only friendship as a distract of their messy life. As Dani is getting through from messy divorce, Max deals with his scandalous life. But when they want more than friendship, real problems start to occur: because Max’s family doesn’t approve their relationship even though Max is ready to fight against them because he knows he already found the one he wants.

But Dani has also hesitations about adapting into Max’s pretentious lifestyle.

Could they risk everything to be together and confront with the obstacles together for pursuing their HEA?

So hot, so sexy, so genuine, so captivating! Yes, I truly devoured this book and I had amazing time! I loved both MCs, their love story, chemistry, everything about them!









Luanne G. Smith is the bestselling author of THE VINE WITCH TRILOGY, a witchy historical fantasy series set in early 20th century France, and THE RAVEN SPELL, the first book in a forthcoming gothic witch series set in a fantasy version of Victorian London. She’s lucky enough to live in Colorado at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, where she enjoys reading, gardening, hiking, a glass of wine at the end of the day, and finding the magic in everyday life.

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“Cleverly crafted…The Vine Witch is a grown-up fairy tale with a twisty-turn-y story line of magic, love, and betrayal that holds your attention…Pure escapism.” ―Forbes

“Jones' standard American accent contrasts with Assadourian’s light Middle Eastern cadence, which hints at the story's ancient mystery, and her tones, which allude to the underlying danger the sisterhood faces. The quest engages the imagination and the narrators increase suspense through wide-ranging emotional phrasings - from seeing the mystical Grand Pere in the forest to women’s whispered thoughts amid an incense burner’s gentle scent and cries of fear and enthusiasm as they call spells.” - Booklist

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